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Do you have a shop minimum?

Yes our shop minimum is $100. Everything is based off of size, detail, and placement. We are happy to provide you with estimates in the shop however only a final price can be determined by your artist.


Do you offer piercings?

No, Lucky Rose Tattoo specializes in tattooing only.


Do you have time for walk ins?

Yes! We offer walk ins everyday. Walk ins are done on a first come first served basis. These designs are typically predawn or require minimal drawing time. Some designs require you to set up an appointment depending on the size, detail and placement. To have the best chance of getting tattooed the same day, it’s always best to arrive early. Feel free to call ahead of time to find out current wait times. 


How do I setup an appointment?

Appointments can be set up through emailing or stopping by the shop or filling out our consultation request form on our site. If you have a preferred artist that’s great! If not we are more than happy to talk over your design and see which of our artist is the best fit. 


Do you offer consultations?

Yes! If you would like to consult with an artist stop in the shop or call ahead to see when your preferred artist is available.


How does the deposit work?

We take $100 NON REFUNDABLE deposits for all appointments. The deposit comes off of your final price of the tattoo once it is completed. If your tattoo takes multiple sessions the deposit carries on until the last session when the tattoo is finished. We require a 48hr notice for cancellations or your deposit will be forfited. Tattoos can take a lot of drawing and research time for your artist. Please make you sure are committed to getting tattooed when you make your appointment. 


Do you have to be 18 to get tattooed?

Yes. Although there are different regulations across Colorado we do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.






How you take care of your tattoo can affect how it will look when its healed. Here is both our suggested traditional  and tegaderm aftercare instructions. 




Leave the bandage your tattoo artist applied on overnight. In the morning remove the bandage and wash throughly with warm water and a mild soap. Pat dry or air dry then apply a thin layer of Aquaphor. Wash your tattoo and reapply 3 to 4 times a day. After 4 days you can switch over to unscented lotion. Wash your tattoo daily and keep moisturized until your tattoo is fully healed.


DO NOT soak your tattoo in water or expose your tattoo to prolonged sunlight until it is fully healed.


Tattoos typically take 2 to 3 weeks to fully heal.




Once tegaderm is applied leave the bandage on for 5 days. If the bandage peels up, fills with liquid or comes off for any reason, wash your tattoo and reapply or follow traditional aftercare methods. 


If you have any questions or concerns during the healing process please feel free to contact us at any time.

Lucky Rose Denver
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